Kyle Vena is a diverse creative powerhouse

Creating functional designs with impact.

Coming from a history of fine art, it’s been a backbone that’s helped Kyle progress in all other areas in the digital realm. His diversity in art and design mixed with technology and drive brings a hole other hybrid of an individual. As he’s been focused in visual design, digital design & branding, yet exploring many other overlapping areas within the field, that keeps him on point and fresh.

With an eye for detail, Kyle’s had the privilege to work with a variety of startups, studios, advertising firms, as well for some of the largest names in the business, establishing a reputation for always exceeding expectations and delivering rock solid designs that solve problems.

Being yet somewhat of a perfectionist of his own works, It always seems to push him learning and exploration of self with a deeper meaning.  As a goal in mastering this craft within design and technology, it’s been a life long endeavor that doesn’t feel like it, yet with an attitude of “I’m just getting started”!

This site is a digital foot print of Kyle Vena and his journey in mastering. Explore his design examples and some added details of his personal journey along with a special thanks for taking the time in advance, and a moment in reaching out,  if your compelled to do so.


Some things to chat about

Forward Thinking

As collaboration is the winning strategy throughout creative services. Adding fresh ideas, keeping up on trends, and to bring forth proactive thinking – “Adds to every creation”.

High-end Quality

He goes into any project naturally with quality in mind – from designs to delivery. All files that are well organized, linked, labeled and done top notch.


With a hand full of experience, creative diversity with an understanding of business and production – goes far when you’re in the trenches and under deadlines.

Ambition Meets Passion

When ambition meets passion, the word ‘impossible’ loses its meaning. It’s what pushes him to the leaps of imagination – a natural progression of life.

Effective Creativity for Digital Awesomeness

Kyle dedicate’s himself to crafting awesome and eye-catching digital experiences that change the way your brand connects with users.

Lets dive into the details


end of 2015-to-2018 

Years Fine Art/Training
Additional Years as a Career
Hours of Design 2018
Raving reviews 2018

Focused Areas

Giving a reason for why people take notice

Branding & Advertising

Kyle strives on creating brand consistency throughout additional campaigns and touch points that become trusted parts of people’s lives by creating products, services, and brands that people love.

UX/UI Design

Here's a thought - UX without UI means you’ve got a frame and structure to your house, but it’s not beautiful and cohesive. UI without UX is like splashing awesome colors and details throughout the house, but having your front door lead straight into a bathroom. You need both to create an awesome end to end experience, are you ready?

Online Marketing & Design

Creating an impact and messaging through grounded design principles for ones product or service. Let's establish the image-"brand" through various ways of online mediums and digital campaigns that push the envelope in expectations together.

Assembled Creative Just For You

Digital Impressions to Explore

What others had to say

We received great feedback when we showed off all your designs they really liked the look and feel!
Well done and an excellent job as always!

Jennifer DrabbleGroup Operations and Technology

Kyle is a brilliant UI/UX designer, over the course of 10 months he continually delivered high quality designs that completely transformed the look and feel of our dashboards across multiple portfolios, helping to gain buy in from senior executives and business leaders on our analytical projects. In addition to design, Kyle also has a great understanding of how to translate the needs of an end user into a visually compelling interface that delivers the best user experience possible. I highly recommend Kyle and hope that we get to work with him again in future.

Keseina AbbohBI/Analytics Programme Manager

Kyle is a superb professional and great executor. He has excellent UXI/UI skills and has delivered projects at senior management level. Kyle worked with me on several high profile, high value business analytic projects at Barclays. His UX/UI work spanned across multiple organizations that included an Executive Data Analytics dashboard, global Real Estate management and visualization application and a comprehensive Retail Banking analytics application. The functionality, navigation, drill down, branding were all very compelling. Kyle is a great team player, pleasing personality and focused on delivering exceptional customer experience. Given opportunity I would love to work with him again.

Suresh RaoFounder and Principal Consultant, Cellimagine LLC

Kyle's work ethic, professional skills, and character are transcendental. He is consistently on task and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. Any organization would be enhanced by Kyle's expertise!

Richard RuthUX/UI Design Professional

Kyle is a very bright and versatile designer capable of working on a wide variety of projects. His work on our data visualization dashboards and our watch app has stood out and received great acclaim within the bank and received positive feedback from Apple. Kyle is a self-starter who always does his best work and does not need supervision. Kyle has been the glue using design and idealization to connect teams of developers, brand and the business across the globe. He was able to generate new business for the team simply by becoming the go-to guy for his clients!

Don RelyeaManaging Director - Head of User Experience & Design US

Kyle is an exceptionally gifted designer. He is a strong self-starter, and can diagnose and problem solve complex UX and UI challenges at an expert level. He is a talented team player, can manage multiple projects simultaneously, and has great client relationship management skills. He is a valuable addition to any team.

Ryan TreesDirector of User Experience & Design

Contractor for Hire

Discover in what Kyle can bring to the table or within other services that he can provide for your next project or marketing needs.

Full-Time Employment

Check out Kyle’s qualities and details that could help you in making a better decision to be your next asset…