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Kyle Vena

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

Highly creative and multi-talented digital designer with extensive experience in online marketing, visual design, and traditional design. Having 18 years of design and creative innovation, technology has brought forth opportunities to lead as a Jr Creative Director, Senior Art Director, UX/UI Hybrid lead, and Digital Designer. An individual that thrives in the big picture of creative touch points in digital media I have strong work ethics, depth of character, and drive an ambition towards creating lasting impressions for whom I work for.

As a lead, UX/UI Hybrid designer for BBVA in Dallas Texas has given me further opportunity to lead a small team within BBVA for their NDB client and fintech communities in utilizing BBVA’s API’s. If it’s been building white label KYC Tools for admins and client interfaces, onboarding user flows, and backend portal interface design, to full responsive websites for their business in solving complex problems, automation and streamlining brand with a great user experience.

This has advanced my growth as a multifaceted designer and communications while advancing in skills of UX/UI experiences, prototyping complex information, utilization of time, complex user component libraries, ScrumMaster skills while bridging the gaps of communication between business, design strategies, frontend & backend development while assisting QA Teams in an agile environment.

Web & Responsive Design


UX/ User Experience


UI / User Interface Design


Data & Information Design


Kyle’s in pursuit of digital branding and the creation of functional design.

Branding & Consistency
UX / Prototyping
UI / Digital Design
Advertising & Online Marketing

Mountain Goat Software - Richardson, Tx

Oct 2018 -2020 ~ Certified ScrumMaster®  Visit Certification

International Academy of Design Tampa, FL

Bachelor’s in Design & Media Communication, 1yr for combined degree; International Academy of Design Tampa, FL

Tampa Technical Institute Tampa, Fl

Associate of Applied Science in Commercial Art & Video Production, 3yr degree: Tampa Technical Institute Tampa, FL

Vo-Technical Institute Sarasota, FL

Commercial Art, 2yrs college credits, Vo-Technical Institute Sarasota, FL

Maryland School of Art and Design Silver Spring, MD

Associate of Applied Science in Fine Art; 2yr scholarship, Maryland School of Art and Design Silver Spring, MD


Kyle’s had that defining moment during childhood that’s been his drive and focus with relentless determination. It’s been a driving force that’s been ingrained in him as if his life depends on it.


Kyle’s been through more than most as he never forgets where he’s come from. As it’s defined his character and integrity.  Kyle has used everything from the good, bad, and the ugly to empower, redefine his skill sets. However, no matter how many times he’s been thrown to the wolves he’s always come back leading the pack.

Professional Experience

BBVA Dallas Creation Center, Dallas TX | 2017-2018

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer

During my time at BBVA, I have worked directly with CEO’s, Owners, Product Owner, Project Mangement of Engineering on establishing new partnership/branch of new digital business (NDB) selling the improved BBVA’s APIs for US marketplace. Marketing to innovative Fintech companies while gearing these marketing platforms for chief operators and developers to be able to dive into these products and play within these APIs within a sandbox, pre-production, production and going live.

I have lead design from bare bones planning, scrums, establishing UX/UI brand libraries, and UX design to UI interfacing of public sites to private. I have taken the inner workings of the BBVA KYC manual process and have turned it into a back-end tool for admins and the NDB client-side interface, bridging the gaps of alerts to admins, searches, reviewing documentation, and have been slowing working towards the auto process through their online framework of BBVA.

Been able to bridge a lot of the gaps between business needs, to effective solutions, alongside development and Qa. While adding the help of details, behaviors, functionality testing across the entire spectrum of our projects.

Main focused areas throughout my time at BBVA:
#UXDesign #UIDesign #Branding #Socals #Scrum/Planning #ResponsiveDesign #SeniorManagement #QA

Rockfish Digital, Frisco TX | 2015-2017

Senior Art Director

Kyle’s lead as an Art Director for Rockfish Digital in branding, digital design, and marketing; He was able to be a creative asset as a trusted part of people’s lives by creating products, services, and brands people love. The clients we served were: Metro PCS, General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, Mars, Coke and Diet Coke.

Barclays Technology of Dallas, TX | 2013-2015

Lead UX/UI Designer

Kyle’s led as a Senior UI designer working directly with stakeholders and upper management. He was able to create UX/UI for iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets & wearable’s (Apple watch & Android gear, Moto) for various projects across their banking services and products. Application development, Dashboards & Data design, Responsive/ Liquid & HTML 5 Design, Presentations & Demos that helped improve operations and revenue.

Creative Powerhouse

Experienced in a multitude of mediums with creative diversity mixed with integrity and an understanding of business and production. This emerges when he’s within the trenches and under deadlines.

High Quality Designs

Kyle goes into any project naturally with quality in mind, from designs to delivery of files that are well organized and designed top notch.

Fine Art & Training
Additional as a Career
Just getting started

Mastery comes from your practice...



Kyle’s seeking to be a part of a dream team of deeply collaborative talent that designs beautiful digital experiences that bring value to the lives of users.

  • Designing with a higher purpose and solving problems in wildly unexpected ways, always pushing the boundary of traditional narratives through cutting-edge technology.
  • Looking for a well-established company within Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, Or Artifical Intelligence technologies that can use UX/UI and human behavior design improvements
  • Creative environment
  • A team of individuals that have the up-most respect for each other without egos, childish assumptions, and “taker mentality” that doesn’t disregard morals and empathy.
  • Kyle can’t afford to be a part of a company that’s a waste of time and value of a person’s talents but also of its own company time that stifles the individual or creative intellect.
  • Kyle needs a challenge and seeks a position that’s open for growth. Inspires and rely’s on a person’s strengths while still pushing them in a greater purpose.
  • Driven
  • Reliable
  • Optimistic
  • Empathetic
  • Humble
  • Empirical
  • Perceptive
  • Meticulous
  • Inquisitive
  • Transparent
  • Grounded
Design Specialties
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Familiarity
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Efficiency
  • Responsiveness
Personality Strengths
  • Individualization
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Relator
  • Restorative
  • Achiever
  • “Doer”
Entrepreneurial Strengths
  • Risk Taker
  • Confidence
  • Delegator
  • Relationship Builder
  • Knowledge-Seeker
  • Creative Thinker
  • Business Focus
  • Determination
  • Independent
  • Promoter









Visual Hierarchy




UX/UI Design


Web & Moblie Design


Data & Information Design

Focused Statistics

Too much to learn, create and to be inspired by

Kyle keeps himself humble, staying thankful, constantly learning, reading, and staying inspired. As software and technology are constantly speeding up, keeping balanced with simplicity along with self-discipline helps to stay on point has been Vidal.

Here are some highlighted areas of what Kyle’s been involved in the last few years pretty heavily.

Will be more than happy to get into any of the details with you, if desired to do.

Been brushing up on After effects, film, photography, lighting techniques, digital painting, information design, data design, as well a wide variety of other topics and areas within sustainability and holistic approaches have been other interests Kyle’s been up to.

Tools of Craft

Adaptability and Flexibility

Kyle’s well diversified in the following operating systems, communication platforms, software, development & testing tools along with apps. No matter what your preference in output, Kyle uses them on a daily base in home studio or past throughout companies and experiences.

“I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.” – Bill Gates

Windows 7 & 10
Including Win Software
Android 5.0 Lollipop & 6.0 Marshmallow
Material Design
OS X Yosemite & Sierra
Including OS Software
iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Communication & CRM’s
  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Sharepoint
  • Highq
  • BaseCampHQ
  • Reef
  • Slack
  • Many others…
Creative Software
  • Adobe CS5/CS6 Suite
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Lightroom
  • Various Image compression’s
  • After Effects
  • Premier
  • Final Cut Pro
UX & UI Design
  • OmniGraffle
  • Axure
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD (beta)
  • Balsamiq
  • Along with a few apps…
  • HTML
  • CSS, CSS3
  • XML
  • ASPX
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap + Grids
Familiar with many Emulators, Simulators, Remote Debugging software and Online tools

Downloadable Resume

Here are a few formatted resumes to have a hard copy and to print off while you’re envisioning Kyle as your next asset.

Thank you again for your consideration and time.


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